Johns Returns

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How do I return an item?

Are you kidding, at these prices? We suggest that you sell it on EBay and you will probably make some money.

Another good idea would be to use it as a gift for a friend. We sold it to you at this phenomenal price--and you bought it because it was really cool and really cheap--but we don't want it back! That means it is yours, even if it doesn't fit you or your horse, or your Auntie Em. You are taking a chance, sure, but most of the time it will be perfect, and it if isn't, well, you still had the adrenaline rush of buying it before anyone else could. Now, take responsibility and sell it on. If you want to pay full price and get full service, there are lots of other sites on which you can shop. We'll miss you--but we think you'll be back.

What if it is defective?

Tack of the Day items are only warranted against manufacturer defects. Equine merchandise including horsewear, used in all disciplines, is virtually impossible to warranty due to the nature of the horse and the things he comes in contact within his daily routine. We ask that you look over the item before using it for any defects. Once an item is used it is sometimes impossible to distinguish between defects and normal wear and tear. You will need to send us an email for approval and tell us exactly the product does or does not do. When you get the approval email there will be instructions in there on how to return the item.

How do I contact you?
By email: