Our Promise and Guarantee


Our Promise and Guarantee

All products on Returns USA carry a Certified Seal. They have been inspected, and are guaranteed to be in the condition described. If items are delivered “not as described”, they are backed by a full and unconditional 100% refund when returned to our warehouse.

Our Rating System

Excellent: New or Like New - These items are simply overstock or shelf pulls, and not actual customer returns. Original packaging and tags are intact (when applicable) with no visible flaws.

Good: Has cosmetic flaw to package or item - Package was opened or flawed. Item may have a scratch, or other cosmetic damage that would not be considered defective. Most of these items might be returned as items customers “just didn’t want” or “opened but not used”. In some cases may not be a complete set.

Fair: Noticeable flaw(s), but does not affect use - These are visibly used items, but they still have value. This is the “flea market level” of Returns USA. Some true treasures can be found under this description- Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Poor: Major Visible Damage - These goods are clearly heavily used or damaged, and may affect the use of the item. However; someone might find a use for them. Think three legged table, or something missing a part. They might be valued for parts, or decor, or more.