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2 X 1.5 X 4 inches

New Senokot Kiwi Balance dietary supplement harnesses the power of freeze-dried kiwifruit pulp with naturally occurring enzyme and prebiotics to help support regularity. Occasional digestive discomfort or constipation can be an unwelcome distraction to your day. Now, you can help keep your digestive health in check with the clinically proven blend of freeze-dried kiwifruit pulp that supports regularity without bloating or gas. Kiwi Balance with Kiwi Zyaction, a proprietary multi-action blend of freeze-dried kiwifruit pulp, helps support your digestive health by helping to improve regularity and relieve occasional constipation. Kiwi Balance digestive supplement is a simple, effective way to support your digestive health and help you continue to enjoy your day - all in a daily chewable tablet. Senokot Daily Kiwi Balance Digestion and Regularity Support Dietary Supplement Chewable Tablet 60ct. Clinically proven to improve regularity in as little as two weeks. Senokot Kiwi Balance is not a laxative and does not contain senna. To use: Chew 2-4 tablets daily. Prebiotic/Probiotic Prebiotic/Probiotic A product that carries an unqualified on-pack statement about the product containing prebiotic or probiotic ingredients. Gluten Free Gluten Free A product that has an unqualified independent third-party certification, or carries an on-pack statement relating to the finished product being gluten-free.

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